FEAR – It’s SO good for you

I’m often asked – by subs who have taken the very first steps into enslavement – how deep the rabbit hole goes.

“I’m scared that I will not be able to stop – where will this lead me?” is a typical question and of course a very relevant one, since the sub indeed will not be able to stop.

When you have taken the first step, it is already too late. My sweet poison is in your system and it will – more or less – slowly corrupt your body and make you ready for true servitude.

I understand that the feeling of losing control is scary – but I would never do anything to ease a sub’s predicament. You see – fear makes your heart beat just a little faster and that is so useful for Me in the enslavement process.

Fear mixed with lust

Did you ever hear of the term misattribution of arousal? It describes a situation where a person makes a mistake in assuming the reason for his arousal. If your heart is beating faster and your blood pressure is increased because of your fears – then it works in My favour. Of course you are not misattributing the course of your arousal – but your fear is mixing with your natural lust for Me. You will feel more aroused and fall even deeper in love, than you would, if you didn’t fear Me.

Will the fight be easier?

So why am I telling you this? Now that you know about it, will it not be easier for you to fight it?

Quite the opposite I’m afraid, My pet. Knowing how deeply I understand your emotions, and knowing how deftly I’m using them against you will only help to increase your fear, that you will lose control completely. You see – it’s such a beautiful circle. Losing a bit of control will make you more fearful – and the more fearful you get, the more control you will lose.

Your fear makes my job so much easier.

The upside for you, is that your fear will increase your arousal and help you achieve bliss – like you never experienced before.

Later on in your enslavement – when you have no more control to lose – fear will be replaced with other emotions like gratitude and love. But until then you should cherish your fear. It’s sooo good for you!

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