14 Day Chastity Challenge Course

Chastity Challenge Course

My pet, it’s time to face reality – I want to truly enslave you and I will do just that with My Chastity 101 – 14 Day Challenge course.

Once you start there will be no turning back. You will be trained to become a horny, obedient boy. So, so eager to please Me. You will be a walking hard-on for Me. Attentive, ready, always on the brink of an orgasm, which only your Goddess can grant you.

By completing this course you will earn:-

  • 800 points to improve your slave status
  • Course certificate
  • The Chastity 101 course achievement
  • Chastity contract

Duration: 14 days

Are you truly ready to undertake My 14 day chastity challenge? Let Me put you to the test…

How to start the chastity challenge

First, ensure you have a slave account here at heobeys, log in, then go to courses, specialist courses and enrol in course “Chastity 101 – 14 Day Challenge“. The first lesson is free, but you will need the Unlock Key to continue 14 days of chastity games!

Enroll. Do not think, simply obey. I will see you on the other side.