What slaves are saying...

Life changing training

This is amazing, just finished the beginner course worship, and I feel the power of submission so strong. Thank you Goddess Saffron my owner, for the opportunity to train and work towards becoming a real slave.
This by far the best online material for real slave training, and a must course for all beta-male, subs, finsubs and pigs.

November 16, 2022

Completely mind washed and hooked

Today I have finished the third part in the beginner slave course. I have never felt so close to Goddess and feel Her presence with me always. Thank you oh so much for the privilege of your training Goddess!

November 15, 2022

Ultimate Submission

By being honest a profound power transfer takes place. It is the opportunity to practically add to Goddess’s immaculate power while voluntarily weakening oneself in the name of devotion to the one true Goddess. Oh my Dark Queen thank you for this wonderful opportunity to surrender more of myself to you. I know that every detail I give to you increases your already unshakable grip on me. I offer all of my most sensitive secrets to you. Please use them to proliferate your power and control over me and your other slaves.
I will always be waiting in eager anticipation for more opportunities to divulge to information that yields you even more power.

November 14, 2022

Beginning Slave Training

Goddess’s training is fantastic. I am already beginning to feel her techniques working to mould me into her obedient slave. She is my light and heaven.

November 12, 2022

Worship divinity

I took one test of goddess saffron and I must say it is very compelling, I love it, we need to have such slave academies like Univerisities so as to serve and to be abused by these divine goddesses, simple elegant and satisfying nothing less to say about this wonderful academy, thanks goddess saffron for enligting us with this divine feeling if domination.

November 11, 2022