What slaves are saying...

Beginner Loyalty

I have completed my Beginner Loyalty slave training course for Goddess Saffron and it does make me feel good.
I hope to be a great slave for Goddess Saffron and make her proud to own me.

June 26, 2022

On my way

I have proudly completed my “Beginner Worship” course. It makes me feel so good to be able to serve @GoddessSaffron. i hope i am able to serve Her for a long time to come.

slave 10288
June 11, 2022

OP Goddess

I enrolled for Goddess Saffron’s Slave training and followed through with the regime. I was very ethusiastic about it and liked it very much. I did not want to spend money but Goddess Saffron’s Charm and beauty made me do it. And that to over and above what was needed. I liked it very much spending money on her gave me satisfaction.
I Love Goddess Saffron 😍❤️ 👠👅

June 6, 2022

Please make me a better slave for Goddess

This first course was simple and enjoyable, I followed my goddesses instructions and it made my past few days so blissful, I beg of the goddess to train me more and make me the ultimate slave.

June 5, 2022

Beyond words

Yes, that is what Goddess Saffron is, what Her beauty is, what Her intelligence is, what Her Courses are … they are all beyond words. Goddess Saffron is sublime. i love it to confess secrets to Her. i love it to hand my life over to Her. i love it to become totally vulnerable for Her.

June 1, 2022