What slaves are saying...

Fulfilment of life

To day i feel myself rebirthed in who i real am. i finished the 3th intermediate course Honesty with the belonging video and repeated and stated all the words loudly my Goddess forespoke to me.
The statement confirms the deep longing in me for being enslaved.
Now i am a real slave forever of my Goddess Saffron. Completely surrendered and arrived on the destination of my existence. Reborn into a new life in the army of my Divine Owner and absolute Ruler GODDESS SAFFRON. Glory and Honour to Her.

April 15, 2021

In captivating

Once you start enrolling into the academy there is no going back you will be enslaved and waiting with enthusiasm for the next lesson eagerly wanting to be on your knees worshiping your goddess and you would never want to escape because you have reached your destination this is your destiny this is your true calling and you are finally home!!

April 15, 2021

The best place where Obey is at heObeys!

Simply another amazing journey into the Saffronism World! 501 humbly loves it so so much, and obedience is something so powerful, you will really feel under Her Divine control for the rest of your life! The dream continues…stay devoted!!! 501

April 15, 2021

Lesson for Life

my training continues: in the last few days Goddess Saffron has shown me what my future destiny will be. There are things that are difficult to grasp, but my Queen has made me Her submissive slave, Her drone, by gentle force. i have only one goal left, how to serve and sacrifice to Her at all times.

April 15, 2021

i love worship adore the Goddess Saffron

Goddess Saffron i love adore worship You. She is the only Goddess. She owns me. Saffronisim Saffronisim Saffronisism Saffronisim Saffronisim Saffronisim Saffronisim. I worship and pray to her every day.

April 15, 2021