What slaves are saying...

Another step into the rabbit hole

After another so important and so Divine course like this, all this number can humbly say is that it is extremely honored, enslaved, controlled and submitted to Our Divine Queen, Goddess Saffron. you cannot describe by words these feelings, but for sure you understand by yourself that there’s no turning back. you are a slave, and you will keep working harder in order to sink deeper and deeper and deeper. Thank You Goddess, Saffronism Forever.

April 15, 2023

More than a dream

Course after course, moment after moment, you realize that your life is changing forever. Oh yes, maybe you start to fear a little bit, because this is real enslavement, but don’t worry, relax, keep smiling, and obey orders! Goddess Saffron is The Supreme Ruler, serving Goddess Saffron is the purpose of this number life, thank You! Saffronism Forever!

April 11, 2023

Finally found what I’ve been looking for!

I’m so frustrated that I didn’t find heObeys, and Goddess Saffron, before now. I’ve been looking for a site like this for some time- a structured program of instruction that takes me through multiple stages of submission and helps me embrace my submissive and slavish nature. I’ve only been in the program a few days, and its already changed me. Not just with lust and an eagerness to worship and serve, but a desire to do it in the way Goddess Saffron has commanded, and to embrace serving on her terms- not mine.

I am excited, and terrified by what this has unlocked in me, and the depth of feeling I have for it. I never thought I’d be interested in FinDom, and now I’m enjoying it- and know that I will be trained and molded into being ever more eager and excited to serve in this way.

I am so grateful to Goddess Saffron for building this site and allowing me to start becoming her slave.

April 6, 2023


I just completed beginner honesty training. The training is very effective, after taking this training you will never lie to Goddess Saffron.

April 3, 2023

I am so desperate for more

I just my first Beginner lesson…every day i had to wake up 3am plus and keep myself awake as my lesson will always available at 330am.
I am so desperate to learn each lesson…never been this horny before…my dick was hard on when reading Goddess words..

March 28, 2023