What slaves are saying...

Thank you!

I’ve just completed my first course! I look forward to each lesson with indescribable anticipation. My purpose seems to be to worship the one true Goddess – Goddess Saffron. Thank You!

November 11, 2022

Wow- a true honour to be serving Goddess Saffron

I’ve just begun the journey but it has been amazing so far. Goddess is the epitome of a superior being and it is such a privilege to be trained in how best to serve her.

November 8, 2022

making progress fast !

today, i completed the “Beginner Slave 3: Honesty” part of Goddess Saffron’s syllabus and i must say, it was not the easiest one to complete.
Goddess Saffron’s test are demanding but at the end, it is rewarding to complete a course and it feels liberating to be honest. She deserves it.

November 5, 2022

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

I don’t know what’s happening. Language is not easily equipped to articulate it. The beckoning proliferates as my mind cedes more territory to The One True Goddess. The confusion keeps my internal defenses in disarray as the parts already claimed by Goddess betray my former self and aid her in the conversion of the parts still loyal to my individuality. The parts of me in resistance see nothing but defeat looming on the horizon while the parts of me that have already embraced Her beautiful corruption are poised in ravenous anticipation of Her complete victory.

November 4, 2022

the most exhilarating thing i did in my whole life

i started Goddess Saffron’s slave training course a bit suspiscious of where this was all going and i must admit, the content, the pacing, the quality of the courses are just incredible. one can really feel her presence accompanying us along the way. i particularly appreciate that there is delay between each lesson, preventing us from binging the whole course. Training takes time, and Goddess Saffron knows it as She demonstrates perfectly in the blog.

i can’t stress enough how this training is a life changing experience. Would give 6 stars (or more) if it was possible.

November 1, 2022