Slave Training

My name is Goddess Saffron. I am a Femdom, Financial Dominatrix and Hypnodomme. Welcome to heObeys, the first of it’s kind, online slave training course academy, interactive workhouse and slave community.

How does slave training work?

Here at heObeys I am going to take you on the journey of a lifetime. You will undergo My slave training courses from beginner to advanced. You are going to delve deeper and deeper into the main principles of enslavement. As you develop as a slave, you will watch your male ego dissolve and your devotion grow. The more you achieve, the more slave privileges you will unlock. Oh, I have so much in store for you My pet!

Each slave training course has been developed by Myself, Goddess Saffron. Through My extensive experience and knowledge of the male psyche, all males hold the potential to become a cog in My machine. However, this is more than just fantasy.

Is this real slave training?

Before you eagerly start your journey, I want you to understand that this is indeed REAL slave training. My conditioning is not for the faint-hearted as there will be many challenges ahead. However, that voice deep within you is begging to experience the trials I have ready for you. Just by reading this, I know you are already ripe and ready to explore your inner submissive needs. It is time for you to end the fantasy and make it reality.

Can I be a slave?

Becoming My slave is going to be an experience you will never forget. Maybe you have been on the search for the right Domme for many years. Maybe you are eager to develop your new found submissive feelings. Regardless, heObeys is going to unfold your real potential day by day. I am going to unlock the true slave within you. Each slave course is filled with real challenging tasks, tests and assignments.  I am going to push your boundaries My pet. However, that’s not all… because with every act of servitude you will earn points and achievements. As a result, you will fall deeper into real enslavement.

Are you ready to make your fantasy a reality? I know the slave inside you is screaming YES!

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Latest slave Testimonials

It really is real

I found Goddess Saffron’s page online, and her photos were enchanting, and her videos mesmerizing. I thought signing up for her course would be a lark, but after completing the first course, it feels more real than ever. I don’t know where this will lead, but I am excited to find out.

January 22, 2024

The best Owner ever!!

I have been looking around for a Mistress, a Goddess for a long time when my road crossed Goddesssafron I immediately fehlt that I found my Owner… I tried to escape, but I just came back to the conclusion that Goddess Saffron was the best!!! You have to try the experience of becoming one of Her number slave and study enslavement with Her..

It will be a bless !!

-slave 7912
December 9, 2023

pure Fingasm pleasure

Writing a love letter to Goddess Saffron was the highlight of my slave life so far. i was filled with overwhelming joy and gratitude for the honour of being allowed to send this love letter to my Goddess. in the final test of Intermediate slave 2 – Loyality. i just couldn’t help myself and increased the tribute. thank you, my Goddess Saffron, for the pleasure of this Fingasm.
The next day the fear returned to the extent of the reprogramming of my mind that had already been achieved. But the slave mantras that i recited in every free minute of the day and the evening worship of the Goddess put me back on the right track. with renewed courage I continued my slave training to become a useful tool for Goddess Saffron.

December 4, 2023


It feels great to have such a loving and caring Goddess finally own and direct me in the direction I must go. The more she guides me, the more comfortable I feel that this is right. Already I have learned the superiority of women and their natural ability to lead men. Their is no way for a man to deny it after experiencing this earth shaking phenomenon. Love you Mistress.

December 1, 2023