Slave Application

So, you think you’re worthy of becoming one of My numbered slaves? Are you truly ready to join the growing Army of Saffronism? Let Me put you to the test…

To become a numbered slave, you will first need to take the Numbered slave Initiation course. It can be completed in less than a day. To complete the course, you will need an unlock key. Consider this your compulsory tribute!

By completing the numbered slave initiaiton course, you will earn:

  • A unique slave number
  • Signed slave contract
  • The Saffronism Bible – A slave Handbook
  • Certificate of enslavement
  • Numbered slave “uniform” avatar
  • The numbered slave achievement
  • Points to improve slave status

How to begin

  1. Log in and enrol in the Numbered slave Initiation Course.
  2. Get the unlock key and use it to complete the course and get approved.