Founded and run by Goddess Saffron, heObeys.com is the first of its kind. An online slave training course academy and interactive slave workhouse.

As a latex fashion Icon, Goddess Saffron has a magnetic pull on submissives. Her commanding expertise in sensual domination, hypnotheraphy and femdom led to the creation of heObeys.com. An industry first innovation.

heObeys contains slave training courses, daily tasks and an innovative male ego reduction system triggered from acts of selfless servitude and submission. As a result, this makes heObeys one of the best femdom websites for igniting the inner slave within!

Learn more about how heObeys works and read what slaves are saying in the ever growing collection of slave testimonials.

Latest slave Testimonials

An Honest Connection

Having completed the honesty course with Goddess Saffron, i can say with absolute certainty i feel closer to Goddess Saffron than i have ever felt to a Domme or Mistress before. At this point the thought of lying to or trying to deceive Goddess Saffron fills me with a sick feeling. i might have been scared before and i still am scared to reveal too much of myself to anyone else, but the thought of revealing my deepest and most private thoughts and secrets to Goddess Saffron feels me with an excitement i cannot describe. Honesty creates an even greater connection and i desire so much for that connection to continue to grow and flourish under the guidance of Goddess Saffron.

March 9, 2023

An amazing journey has start

I was not sure what to expect when I started my journey. But from the first lesson I was hooked. I am thankful for Goddess Saffrons teachings and guidance.

March 2, 2023

brave new world

i am so happy to have begun this journey of rebirth, and Goddess Saffron makes it feel so safe and natural. i feel so connected already, it just makes me more and more excited to continue this journey, it makes me want to be the best slave i can be and i know under the direction of Goddess Saffron i will.

February 28, 2023

Existential happiness

Today i finished the last lesson of all the six courses of Goddess Saffron’s Slave School.
It was sometimes a breathtaking journey. i discovered an exciting landscape of mountain high enslavement and deep adoration. i learned a lot about my identity as a slave. The need to serve and worship was growing with every lesson, every task.
Now i am giving in myself completely to my Goddess craving to submit, to surrender, to sacrify and above all to serve, to adore and to Love Goddess Saffron.
And i am existential content an happy to be in that position beneath the Superior Goddess of all Goddesses.
Thank You Goddess for Your presence in my life

February 21, 2023