heObeys is the first ever slave training academy containing an ever growing collection of slave training courses, in addition to being an interactive slave workhouse. Slaves learn, work and serve to achieve in a fun and interactive way!

Founded Goddess Saffron, heobeys.com is the first of its kind online slave training school and interactive slave workhouse and male ego reduction system.

heObeys is an innovative, first of it’s kind, interactive slave training academy and submissive workhouse. By completing courses, serving, buying clips or gifts, promoting and even subscribing to fan sites, slaves work hard to improve their slave status, earn achievements and unlock special privileges.

Slaves can create an account for free, however to fully appreciate the wonder of this website you will need to complete slave training courses and serve Goddess Saffron to improve your slave status and unlock privileges.

If getting things for free is a priority for you, then you are not ready to serve a Financial Dominatrix. However, by undergoing slave courses you will quickly learn the pleasure of serving for real.

Yes. heObeys.com was built by Femdom and Financial Dominatrix Goddess Saffron. All slave training courses, lessons and tasks are based on real weaknesses and desires of submissive males. Each course is instructed, managed and graded by Goddess Saffron herself.

Read the many slave testimonials to get a taste of what to expect in your slave training.

heObeys contains an innovative male ego reduction system which uses a first of it’s kind  method to calculate the male ego and devotion of a slave.  When a slave first begins it’s journey in heObeys, it’s slave status is 100% male ego.

Through repeated acts of servitude such as tributing, buying clips and gifts, promoting, winning contests, subscribing to fan sites and completion of slave training courses, the male ego is gradually eroded until 0% male ego is achieved.  The lower the male ego, the more slave privileges will be unlocked, including the virtual temple, daily mantras, worship instructions, photos and priority access to Goddess.

However, the magic of heObeys does not stop there – because once a slave reaches 0% male ego, it’s next mission begins –  the growth of devotion your devotion level.

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