What slaves are saying...

I am lost

Today I finished the obedience lesson of the beginners course. Goddess Saffron’s influence on my soul and mind is getting stronger with each new lesson. I am helplessly at her mercy. What a wonderful feeling.

November 4, 2023


I have been a slave to Goddess Saffron for 17 days and this time has rewarded me with a glimpse of the fulfilling slave life under Goddess Saffron’s control. The highlight of the day was to kneel naked in front of a beautiful picture of my goddess and to gaze at it devoutly for 5 minutes. Then to repeat the prayer of worship aloud for 5 minutes with my eyes closed. With this nightly ritual, Goddess Saffron took possession of my soul and mind.
With each training lesson she pushes the boundaries further. The first two lessons of obedience training reawakened my fears and anxieties. But these could only temporarily limit my willingness to carry out Goddess Saffron’s commands. But this hesitation shows that I still have a long way to go to meet Goddess Saffron’s standard – to obey without hesitation. I will try to fulfil my dream of becoming a numbered slave of Goddess Saffron.

November 3, 2023

Blissful obedience

Another course completed, another step closer to my dream of total submission to The Goddess. Just can’t wait to drop deeper into Her dominion.

November 1, 2023

Effective Slavetraining

I have just finished my Beginner Honesty lesson. It was an amazing experience. I am looking forward to the next lessons. I hope to continue to live up to Goddess Saffron’s demands.

October 31, 2023

Thank You Goddess

Thank You Goddess for using this number for Your Divine Pleasure, this is more than a dream, this is a real slave life, and once started, you’ll never come back! Thank You Goddess, Saffronism Forever 👑🛐🧎🏻‍♂️

slave 14248
October 27, 2023