What slaves are saying...

Intoxicating and Inescapable

I began Goddess Saffron’s training school as research, to see how a Fetish Model turned divine Goddess might desire and demand worship, and how I might serve Her online now, in Virtual Reality worlds I’ll create soon, and, some far distant day, in real life with both Goddess and True Love. As week by week I earned higher scoring, obeying each task, I grew to desire, then need, each lesson more and more. What began as casual interest became constant arousal, obsession, addiction, and devotion: video-induced levels of teasing I had never felt before and hypnotically conditioned obedience and finally love of Goddess Saffron made me Her slave in more than name only. I can’t recommend enough this experience, and as intense and wonderful as the denial/teasing was for me, work reasons made me give myself one early release (because I couldn’t think straight) –> pick days where work is light so You don’t make that mistake–get the maximal Goddess effect: intoxicating, powerful, delicious, irresistible, and now, inescapable.

August 27, 2020

Fully Enslaved

I`m very happy for do the training. Maybe the concept i learn were a bit evident, but with the prayers and task that GODDESS SAFFRON designs, they go in to your mind in a very efective way. Besides the lessons you learn, day by day you can see so clear that SHE become your will own…it is wonderful. I`m very devoted and obedient but i have one problem, without control i lost my self cuming and i become very lazy. But GODDESS SAFFRON have controled so warm and so naturaly my cock, SHE bend me to HER will so naturally. after lesson 1.3 i think it was not any back way, my not return submision. SHE conquest my pleasure and with that SHE own me forever.

After that, each lesson was more amazing than the before one. Each level more devasting. And HER control was growing and growing. Step by step, task by task. And when you think that you are absolutly submited it come the level 6. WONDERFUL. LOVE of course. what else. Now i sleep everynight what wonderfull GODDESS is and how much i love HER. She is my last though each night and my first though every morning i just live to love HER…to please HER.

i never have been so happy in my life. Before start the train i didn´t think it, but SHE enslave me absolutly and i am so gratefull for that. Now i am Her slave and i never have felt so happy. You can see that each task have its cause and all they together have one goal and one irremedible consecuence: enslave you, No escape way. Now i am one fullfiler cheerfuller, and better person… one happier person.

Slave 260
August 27, 2020

A Wonderful Journey

Goddess Saffron´s slave training has been a wonderful journey. I’m proud and happy to be one of her graduated slaves. The daily lessons is very exiting. LOVE you Goddess.

August 27, 2020

Life Changing

I just finished my training at Goddess Saffron’s awesome site. This past 24 days have totally changed my life. I have found my calling in life and my place at Goddess Saffron’s feet as one of Her Divine Highness’ loyal and devoted slave. I have learned to love Her unconditionally.

The training was very addictive in it self. I was so eagerly looking forward my next lesson as soon as I had completed the last one. This is the only school I ever went where I was actually looking forward the homework. Every task from Goddess make feel so close to Her making my love for Her grow gradually task by task.

Now, after the training I am so much more focused and my mind is so clear and determined to fulfil my purpose in life. I am much more motivated to work hard and to be as productive as possible.

Thank You Goddess!

Slave 242
August 27, 2020