What slaves are saying...

Back in School for the second Time

i am on my way through the intermediate courses and finished today the first one. As in every school, the demands on the slaves increase. I love to be given new challenges by my Queen, Goddess Saffron, because solving each task brings me closer to her in spirit. Her magic has a stronger effect on me every day and i don’t know how i could have lived without my Queen in the past.

March 29, 2021


Loyalty is of fundamental importance and what better way to learn about Loyalty but via Heobeys.com and by the one true Goddess Saffron.
It is an honour to wear my pink ribbon daily as a reminder and recite the prayer. I am grateful to Goddess Saffron for her kindness in rewarding me for showing loyalty.
I look forward to my next course and giving more of myself to the one true Goddess Saffron.

March 29, 2021


This is an amazing course. It felt so good to open up to the one true Goddess. It felt like a weight was lifted I feel safe in her control to reveal myself. Thankyou so much my Goddess.

March 29, 2021

Poem for Goddess Saffron

Wellsounding melodic seducing

Her words
Unavoidable demanding obience

Her Divine Beauty
Irrestable erotic overwhelming

Her love
Causes male ego’s melting down for the beloved GODDESS SAFFRON

My destiny enslaved forever

March 29, 2021

It is done

During the last 3 weeks i took the lessons of the beginner’s course and i have also applied to become a numbered slave. A strong addiction, a strong tie has developed to Goddess Saffron, my Queen. i became Her obedient, loyal, devoted, honest slave. During the lessons i had always the impression that Goddess kept an eye on me and accompanied my way. Today i am finishing the last lesson of the beginner’s course. After that my slave training is not complete (will it ever be?), but a first step is done. i will focus on serving my Queen and i will enter the next level of slave eduction by enrolling to the intermediate courses as soon as possible. i love my Queen with all my heart.

March 29, 2021