What slaves are saying...

Ecstatically Progressive

What amazing and wonderful courses Goddess has provided, longing for more

October 11, 2022

Obedience is the only way!

For too long i resisted Goddess Saffron’s siren song. As a result of this i felt confused. When i finally succumbed to Her my transformation was amazing. i find myself totally relaxed, docile and compliant. i have found my rightful place as one of Her slaves. i mindlessly do as i am told! i have become a good boy. i do not think. i simply obey!

October 10, 2022

I love Serving Goddess Saffron

I started taking Goddess Saffron’s slave training courses about a month ago now. I have to say I lover serving her and being one of Goddess Saffron’s slave’s in training. Listening to her voice in her videos is intoxicating and I can’t help but think her her throughout my day. This slave in training is thankful that Goddess Saffron allows this worship and servitude.

October 9, 2022

Simply Irresistible

I have fallen into the clutches of Goddess again and feel her hold on me strengthening each day. I feel so much pleasure from obeying her commands and every second I spend in her presence enhances that pleasure to newfound levels! Thank you Goddess Saffron for conditioning me to be your slave.

October 7, 2022

Goddess Saffron is everything

i am so proud and grateful to have completed my first beginner course for Goddess Saffron. Worshipping Her comes so naturally and i feel Her hold on me becoming stronger. i want to be an effective obedient slave in Her army and serve Her with all my heart and soul. She is beyond perfection. Thank You Goddess Saffron!

October 6, 2022