What slaves are saying...

Loyalty Leads the Way

I was afraid that after the long awaited release, that my devotion to my Goddess would waiver. But it did not, all I felt at climax was gratitude at this gift.

April 4, 2021

Challenging & Rewarding

Learning humility is a tough subject for the beginner however our great Goddess soon explains the benefits of a simpler life. Being able to serve selflessly has greater rewards. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and felt safe with Goddess Saffron to lead me.
Thank You slave497

April 4, 2021

Exiting for whats to come

As i move into the intermediate courses, my feelings for Goddess deepen. i can feel Her pull ever stronger and my will and resistance fade. i find my old self fading more and more as the truth within me surfaces and who and what i truely am is pulled out by Goddess. i love Her deeply for freeing me from my internal prison and am excited for whats to come!

April 4, 2021

The beginning of a dream

I’ve just finished the Beginner Slave 1 Worship course and wow, this is simply amazing! You enter into a completely new world. Your mind starts to understand what is your real nature, what you really desire more than ever. This is just the beginning of a long path of submission. And more than my mind, also the heart is beating so so fast. I’m so happy about the decision made of starting this course. Live your life with joy, and serve Goddess Saffron!

March 31, 2021


Yes, the severing of ties to my old life has begun. But new ones are growing. New strong bonds with my Queen, Goddess Saffron. And I feel that I can hardly refuse my Queen anything anymore. My path is set.

March 31, 2021