What slaves are saying...

Thank you Goddess

Thank you Goddess Saffron for offering this addictive journey of becoming one of your slaves. I finished my third course and can’t wait to get on with your training. It’s a wonderful experience

October 2, 2022

Your new life starts here

Just a few weeks ago, I was searching online for Femdom and stumbled upon HeObeys. Out of curiosity I inscribed for the first training, thinking that just a website wouldn’t be able to turn me into a slave.
Time flied and I have done things for Goddess that I never thought I would ever do in my life. I wear her collar everyday. I stopped touching myself, being a pathetic wanker just minutes before my first training. And I opened up to Goddess more than I had ever imagined. Every day I’m eagerly waiting for my next training lesson, counting the minutes until the timer runs out. Goddess Saffron also interacts with her devoted followers on social media, which increases the feeling of being owned tenfold.

If you want to have your life turned upside down you MUST enroll into Goddess Saffrons School of Slaves today. But be careful: You will never get back out again.

October 1, 2022

The start of something beautiful

I’ve just completed my first course at heobeys.com and it’s been such a bliss. Every day I look forward towards serving Goddess; learning my lesson and completing my tasks. I am so excited to further reduce my male ego!

September 28, 2022

The One True Goddess!

My enslavement training at heObeys.com has been an incredible experience. As i advance to each level, i feel more enslaved and my male ego gets reduce more each time. i am honored to be able to serve, worship & adore The Beautiful & Supreme Goddess Saffron!

September 24, 2022

Best Goddess ever! Does not disappoint!

I’m only just starting out and it is the best experience. I can’t believe that the beginning slave training is free. You won’t be disappointed if you join and you’ll fall in love with worshipping Goddess!

September 24, 2022