What slaves are saying...

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

I don’t know what’s happening. Language is not easily equipped to articulate it. The beckoning proliferates as my mind cedes more territory to The One True Goddess. The confusion keeps my internal defenses in disarray as the parts already claimed by Goddess betray my former self and aid her in the conversion of the parts still loyal to my individuality. The parts of me in resistance see nothing but defeat looming on the horizon while the parts of me that have already embraced Her beautiful corruption are poised in ravenous anticipation of Her complete victory.

November 4, 2022

the most exhilarating thing i did in my whole life

i started Goddess Saffron’s slave training course a bit suspiscious of where this was all going and i must admit, the content, the pacing, the quality of the courses are just incredible. one can really feel her presence accompanying us along the way. i particularly appreciate that there is delay between each lesson, preventing us from binging the whole course. Training takes time, and Goddess Saffron knows it as She demonstrates perfectly in the blog.

i can’t stress enough how this training is a life changing experience. Would give 6 stars (or more) if it was possible.

November 1, 2022

First training

Today I completed my first course for goddess. I am a proud slave and cannot wait for my next daily task.

November 1, 2022

Graduation party!

I am honoured to have been granted my certificate of completion for Goddess Saffron’s slave training course – beginner level. I recommend the course to other beginner slaves looking to learn the basic rules from a Goddess.

October 28, 2022

Ultimate enslavement by remote chastity program

Last night my chastity device was locked up through the remote chastity key holding program under the Divine and Fatal Finger of Goddess Saffron . i watched several clips eg Beautiful Monster. As Her pet on the leash i crawled behind Her through the long corridor to Her Temple. Imagine how wonderful she looks from behind walking in front of you. The device wash pinching strongly my huge cock. i never felt me never so enslaved! Not able to touch myself. This gave a really ultimate feeling of bliss, stronger than ever before. It made me happy to feel so powerfully Her Control over me. Arrived in the temple i sacrificed myself to the Superior Most Beautiful Goddess Saffron.

October 25, 2022