What slaves are saying...

Seductively Ensnared

I feel such a wonderful belonging in an absolutely amazing course, that is beautifully seducing my inner longings and temptations. I am so excited about what’s ahead of me and so pleased I discovered this opportunity to progress my devotion to a truly incredible Goddess

September 19, 2022

Goddess Saffron will own you mind, body and soul

Goddess Saffron is a perfect divine and superior being worthy of your worship and servitude. I may only be new to this way of life but I know in my heart that it’s my life and where I need to be. I wish I had found her sooner. Don’t hesitate to join me and the other like me. Kneel before your Goddess and devote your life to her.

September 19, 2022

Finished another course

I love it, I cant stop it and it just feels soooo good

September 17, 2022

Course for enslavement at it best

All aspects of a real slave life are really addressed here. I had many fears and insecurities that every submissive person has when he wants to take the step to becoming a slave. This course takes you through it step by step.

September 14, 2022

Goddess Saffron: A Lady through and through!

Goddess Saffron does not make the ‘loser’ sign, Goddess Saffron does not give the middle finger, Goddess Saffron does not make the ‘small dick gesture’ and Goddess Saffron does not wear strap on.
In a scene filled with ‘bullies’ and ‘daddies’, Goddess Saffron remains High class. Thank You Goddess, for being Elite and thank You for giving us this chance to prove ourselves worthy!

September 11, 2022