What slaves are saying...

Godess control

One night when i wanted to do the usual prayer to goddess picture my mind for some reason resisted it. but my former cock that now belongs to goddess Took control of my body and mind and made me do the prayer without question then it became hard and it tortured me the whole night. Goddess trained my former cock to control me and my mind with it. Now i understand that i cant escape from her control because her cock that attached to my body act like a control device.

June 3, 2021

Couldn’t Stop Thinking About Coming Back

I tried the first beginner’s course before but backed out due to being a bit afraid of how addicting it might be. Turns out it was too late, since after I backed out, all I could think about was Goddess Saffron’s voice and wanting to continue the course, so I went again and resolved to see it to the finish. Now I can’t wait to keep continuing!

May 23, 2021

i love worship You Goddess Saffron

i love You Goddess Saffron. i worship You the only true God off all.

slave 504
May 23, 2021

Crawling Back

I find myself always crawling back to Goddess Saffron. I try so hard to resist, but I am always drawn back. I have decided to fully devote myself. Resistance is futile.

May 23, 2021

New Habits – New dayly Structure

During the last 12 days my Queen, Goddess Saffron, has trained me, to give my day new structures. Main goal was to intensify my loyalty to my Goddess. i have defined playfully new and serious habits, which have been confirmed by my Queen. Goddess Saffron is governing my life and i love Her for that.

May 23, 2021