What slaves are saying...

Enlightenment and Purpose

It has been an education entering the world of Mistress Saffron. Such a wonderful caring Mistress who has strict guidelines necessary to ensure her slaves do not stray from their purpose – to serve and obey Mistress Saffron. I will continue to complete the lessons and obey Mistress and hope I become a worthy slave.

March 20, 2021


Everyday you’ll be anticipating for the next task, with your mind on Goddess Saffron who controls you more within every task, making it harder and harder to resist. I get more and more addicted with every task, every photo I look at. I believe I’ve finally found my purpose in this boring life, to serve Goddess Saffron till the very end. I Thank You Goddess Saffron from the bottom of my heart.

March 20, 2021

reality not fiction

I sit and wish every day to be Goddess Saffron naked and inked repeating her prayer obeying giving me

March 20, 2021

Road Map for Enslavement

Two weeks ago i started my training at the school of slaves of Goddess Saffron and today i have opened the door to the last chapter of the beginner’s courses. In the beginning a self-confident, self-assured man, i was moulded into a weak, obedient, loyal slave accepting matriarchy and Saffronism as the new centre, the new religion in my life. And the moulding does not hurt, quite the contrary, it was like a medicine for the soul. Guided by the Queen and Her wisdom the transformation was so naturally. i cannot wait to complete the beginner’s level.

March 20, 2021

An Amazing Course!

This was my first course with Goddess Saffron. I was very nervous but excited. I felt liberated and a great weight lifted of me. I am so glad I joined and feel safe and prepared to continue. I know I am in the right place and am looking forward to more training. I hope I serve well and please Goddess Saffron.

March 15, 2021