What slaves are saying...

i got Saffronmaid!!!

Goddess Saffron,

Your Beauty and Power is overwhelming! Being admitted to The Goddess Saffron slave Training Academy is such a gift for a true submissive like me. i have worshiped You for long on twitter and OnlyFans, but nothing is better than Goddess Saffron’s Slave Training Academy!

When i got the simple and necessary social media links to worship Goddess Saffron on heObeys.com, i was extremely happy to learn that SAFFRONmaid was available as my identity.

Wow: SAFFRONmaid will be my lifelong identity!! Cannot wait to complete all the slave training courses under Goddess Saffron’s Ownership

March 15, 2021

Deeper. Stronger.

As my journey continues into servitude, Goddess has remade me as slave 496. She consumes my mind, body and soul daily. i can feel Her pull get stronger and Her hold on me get deeper and deeper and nothing feels better!

slave 496
March 15, 2021

The Journey continues …

… and after finishing the 4th beginners course i feel a strong and growing intensity of the presence of Goddess Saffron in my life. i am addicted to Her, i worship Her, i am loyal to Her, i obey every order of Her and i am Her slave and subject in the Queendom of Saffronism. It is still the beginning, a long and winding road is in front of me. But at the end there is a bright light, the day my Queen possesses my entirely.

March 15, 2021


Love this so far, look forward every day to completing tasks and getting deeper into Goddess Saffrons control

March 15, 2021

Wow Just Wow

This course keeps making me feel excited for the next lesson, its unbelievable, So far it seems a perfect course for people like myself that feel subby but is to shy to take the next steps to worshiping a true Goddess that is saffron.

March 12, 2021