What slaves are saying...

Greg’s slow decline into true Slavery

Hello everyone on planet earth today I am slave greg I am Goddess Saffrons slave forever and ever. I never thought that I was able to obsess and focus on someone soooo much until I started Goddess Saffrons training. I absolutely love her with all my heart and want everything to do with her I am hers forever. She has become my life I think about her all day and I want to do everything I can for her at all times. Saying the prayers every day has become such a wonderful cycle and training for me it really helps start my day and they me through my day and eventually end my day as well. At first I thought that this was just to satisfy my kink but it is so much more than that it becomes something absolutely amazing and it is very real!! When you are given a purpose by Goddess Saffron you will never want anything else again. I love and obey you Goddess Saffron forever

March 6, 2021

The queen forever

Goddess, I love you so much and adore you all. You are the meaning of my life. You will be everything to me. You are the Lighthouse of my life. May I always accompany you, your loyal servant.

March 6, 2021

Goddess Saffron made me a believer!

I have never believed in a higher power, or any kind of power to be honest. I have always been interested in hypnosis tho. I came across Goddess Saffron’s picture on my social media, and I was stunned. I was intrigued. I wanted to see, what heObeys was like, so I signed up. I completed my first slave tasks, and I was completely intoxicated.
The beauty, intelligence and power of Goddess Saffron, was something I could not be prepared for.

She made me feel like life actually has a purpose. She made me her obedient little slave. You think you have control, but you don’t. You will serve Goddess, and it will feel so fucking great. Being under Goddess Saffron’s control, is probably the best feeling, that you will ever have in your life. She had that effect on me, and she will have that effect on you.
Try it. It is worth it. She will make you feel so good.
I will obey Goddess Saffron
I love

March 2, 2021

Finishing the 1st Step of Enslavement

Oh, it is not a game, it is real. I started praying not only in the evening but also in the morning to start the day with the right attitude. I’m shaking thinking of the next steps to prove my obedience. Yes, Goddess Saffron ist my Owner and absolute Ruler.

March 2, 2021

Goddess Saffron gives submissive losers purpose!

Goddess Saffron’s training has shown me that i exist to serve Her and, more important, taught me how to worship my Superior Owner. She will guide you, strictly and powerfully, through the process of becoming her devoted slave, so that by the end you will be ready to act upon the click of her fingers, like a mindless drone loser programmed to obey its Absolute Ruler. That ruler is Goddess Saffron and you will never experience anything like being in Her servitude.

March 2, 2021