What slaves are saying...

Honesty is a blessing!

So glad to have done the beginner honesty course. Goddess asks questions which allow me to open up to Her which is a blessing.

Feel so much better knowing there will be no secrets, thank You Goddess.

Miss Jay
April 30, 2022

New beggining

A new era, serving a true Goddess…. Obey her and be a soldier in Her army….

April 29, 2022

Exciting first step!

I am so honored to have found Goddess Saffron and begin service to her. This was the first step, but defintely not the last!

April 28, 2022


I am learning to accept that this is in fact reality and as i accept this reality the true bliss of Goddess Saffron’s teachings is coursing through my very being. Saffronism is bliss.

Slave 482
April 28, 2022

Finally True Slavery!

I can feel Goddess’s power over me growing by the minute. I am so blessed to have found her and enrolled in her slave training. Finally a Goddess strong enough to truly break me. Desperate for more slave training tasks and to spend the rest of my life in service of her Queendom.

April 26, 2022