What slaves are saying...

my goddess is now my life when I start to obey

I love serving the goddess in heobeys when I start to serve my life change I do all what the goddess say and want no matter what it’s my duty to serve and be a good slave puppet and plaything toy my goddess is my life to all my lifetime I want to be a great slave for the goddess

February 19, 2023

A Life-Changer; It’s Electric!

Being part of Goddess Saffron’s Slave Training Academy is more than just a fantasy. It’s real, and after only a short time it’s already given me purpose in servitude and devotion that i never thought imaginable. It’s not about pleasing myself; it’s about being Goddess’ “puppet on a string,” in league with other slaves in serious obedience training. i don’t know where the journey will lead, but the anticipation of further tasks, further commitment, further rituals to perform is absolutely electric. i’ve never experienced anything like it; it’s a life-changer. Lead on, Divine Goddess!

February 18, 2023

a good start

This first course has made me very excited for all the lessons to come. I love the fact that it made me worship Goddess every night.

February 18, 2023

The beginning of a wonderful journey

Today i completed my first beginner slave training course. The beginning but not the end!
I can see the glow of pure bliss pointing at the horizon of the next levels of this training course. The more i will become devoted to You Goddess Saffron, the more i shall feel the reward exuding from Your Beauty and Your Manipulative Intelligence, until my conditioning will make me process in way of being able to anticipate some of Your needs.
This may be the beginning of a beautiful journey!

February 7, 2023

Newbie discovers Goddess Saffron!

As a total newbie & newly-minted numbered slave, i can already testify to the powerful change that’s overtaken me. Just randomly stumbled upon our Goddess via my twitter feed (thank you fellow slaves for tweeting!) & i immediately knew that She, Her training, Her religion & Her Temple are my destiny. Just completed the first beginner course, reducing my male ego, and can’t wait to dive into the next, and all others that follow. This is a journey of a lifetime; don’t miss out!

February 1, 2023