What slaves are saying...

I Will Obey!

Just completed the Beginner Obedience course and it was amazing. I was nervous about the tasks but they were well measured and I felt happy to obey. Starting to feel I have a rewarding place and it is a pleasure to obey Goddess Saffron, Thank You!

Miss Jay
May 4, 2022

Falling deeper

Honored to complete the Beginners Loyalty course! Eager to continue my journey to being a better servant.

May 3, 2022


HeObeys is an amazing place where trainee slaves can learn from the best teacher, the one true Goddess Saffron. The guided courses are well paced as you fall gently and happily into submission and servitude where obedience is a pleasure. Every task is well measured and an honour to perform.
Thank You Goddess, i am at home.

Miss Jay
May 2, 2022


Finally, I did it

May 1, 2022

Love my enslavement to Goddess Saffron

The beginner slave training course was absolutely wonderful. With each lesson, I felt more happy and in love with Goddess Saffron. Now, that i have completed the course, I feel Enslaved to the one and only Goddess Saffron.

April 30, 2022