What slaves are saying...

No turning back

I just completed the second beginner slave training course and I am completely addicted to Goddess Saffron and her training. She has become my one True Goddess and I can’t wait till she molds me into one of her slaves. She is all I think of. She is everything to me.

August 20, 2021


Thanks for letting me learn so much in the first sessions

August 20, 2021

Pacing is important

Just completed the first beginner course (4 lessons).

It’s good that the website releases each new lesson in a course every 24 hours. It’s easy to get overexcited after finding a Goddess. But being automatically forced to pace yourself sure will help achieve the desired end goal.

As a tip, consider joining the second course right after finishing the first one. If you don’t join because you want to craft the perfect testimonial, you will end up getting lessons of the second course at a later time in the day than you’ve gotten used to.

August 19, 2021


I done my training with under goddess that is very easy and simple to serving goddess.

August 18, 2021

Goddess Saffron is Irresistible

I just started training with Goddess Saffron and I can’t get enough of her. I find myself always thinking of her and the training. I am aching to serve her. I find myself impatiently waiting for the next day so I have a new task to train with. I am working my way down the path to becoming one of her slaves.

August 16, 2021