What slaves are saying...

Finishing the 1st Step of Enslavement

Oh, it is not a game, it is real. I started praying not only in the evening but also in the morning to start the day with the right attitude. I’m shaking thinking of the next steps to prove my obedience. Yes, Goddess Saffron ist my Owner and absolute Ruler.

March 2, 2021

Goddess Saffron gives submissive losers purpose!

Goddess Saffron’s training has shown me that i exist to serve Her and, more important, taught me how to worship my Superior Owner. She will guide you, strictly and powerfully, through the process of becoming her devoted slave, so that by the end you will be ready to act upon the click of her fingers, like a mindless drone loser programmed to obey its Absolute Ruler. That ruler is Goddess Saffron and you will never experience anything like being in Her servitude.

March 2, 2021


I will stay loyal to Goddess. She is the one and only to be served and I am dedicated to her.

February 25, 2021

Ultimate delight

The final test of the beginners training course brought me enchanted completely a tremendous explosion of cum. I screamed loudly Oh my Goddess i love YOU, i love YOU, I love You with all my heart, i am YOURS to own forever. It is hardly to express in words what i felt. Ultimate delight and intens joy streamed still through my body. Afterwards i stared long time in the eyes of my Divine Owner. I chanted my love again and again. I am bound forever.

February 25, 2021

The joy of pain

I felt some wrestling in my mind obeing the sacrifice of my luxury . It was my male male ego fighting for my own advantages.
I still fought for my own interests as internalized as usuel. Then the understanding and joy to feel free from egoism, to be handovered
has won. HER immense female POWER is overwhelming. To contribute to Her Majesty’s Victory and Luxury is a Joyful pain

February 25, 2021