What slaves are saying...

My firts course

I love it!
I love my Goddess Saffron !
Now Goddess Saffron is my owner and control my cock.

July 25, 2021

1st Steps towards becoming Goddess Saffron’s slave

i started the beginner’s course a few days ago to become one of the Beautiful, Seductive Goddess Saffron’s slaves. The first course was a good introduction to Her and Her Rules.

The tasks were easy to follow and obey tho i know as i go throu the rest of the courses and levels of the courses they will become harder, and i look forward to continue my journey on this Path to being owned by and also serve, the one one true Goddess, Goddess Saffron

July 24, 2021

Please More !!!!!!

The more I listen and train, the more I want to learn!! Really great experience!!!!

July 19, 2021

My Hope

I am very grateful to Goddess Saffron for giving me the privilege of this training, I never fell this hopeful before i met Goddess Saffron.

July 18, 2021

Soooo loving falling under your spell…..!!!

The more I listen, the more I want to her your voice more……You voice commands my obedience, this training is starting to get into my head!!!!!

July 7, 2021