What slaves are saying...

Real live slavery

This is my 2nd time serving Goddess Saffron. Her new school for slaves is even better the 2nd time around. By relaxing and opening up to Her trainings I am seeing a mind numbing submission to Her will and I love every second of it. I anxiously look forward to the next days lessons. I think every slave should retake Goddess’s course once a year. Summarizing if you have ever fantasized about being a strong dominant Woman’s property enroll today. Take the course seriously, submit and obey, then your dream will come true.
I’m so glad I did.

January 11, 2021

I love to be a Slave !

I came across this website online. It showed me the path to become a real life sissy. It Mentally and physically transformed me and made me a slave to Mistress Saffron’s will.

January 6, 2021


To be in the School of Goddess Saffron, to have been admitted to start Her courses and now to have successfully accomplished the first day give me a feeling of Euphoria.
Goddess Saffron, I want You to reign, I want You to enjoy life, I want You to have power, pleasure, leisure and luxury.

January 6, 2021

She is Goddess

For years now I follow Goddess Saffron from afar due to the fact, that I’m a catholic priest who lives in a monastery. As soon as I will find a way to send Her tributes, I will finally be able to truly serve Her. I might still be a catholic priest, but I worship Goddess Saffron: She deserves our adoration, She deserves our submission, She deserves our obedience.
Thank You, Goddess Saffron, for making us renounce our false gods. Thank You for taking our soul. Thank You for allowing us to have contact with You, serve You and adore You.

December 29, 2020

Beginner to the slave life

Hey everyone! I always knew I was into femdom and am a slave, but these courses helped me learn so much more! This first course made me more obedient and dedicated towards being a slave and has nurtured and trained me to go out of my comfort zone and obey. I learnt about so many new things that I never even heard of before and I can officially say I am hooked to Goddess Saffron. I am all yours goddess and my motive in life is to please you! Thank you for this amazing course goddess.

December 29, 2020