What slaves are saying...

My Home is heObeys.com

I love heObeys. It is where I get to worship and honour my Goddess. I can send her songs of praise and hymns of adoration. I can reduce my male ego, I can perform tasks for my Goddess.

I can Worship my Goddess in Her temple, follow the masturbation schedule She gives me, feel Her presence strengthen in my soul.

It is the place I always long to be. It is my home.

September 3, 2020

Into Goddess Saffron’s power

heObeys will capture you into Goddess Saffron’s thrall. Slowly but steadily, Goddess Saffron takes control of your soul and body, till worshipping Her becomes your only obsession.

Miss Worshipper
September 3, 2020

Real slave training courses

Whoever has ever watched porn in any form knows deep down, albeit quite powerful in the pleasure it affords, knows that in the end, it’s make-believe! And although porn addiction is real as it rewires your brain through pleasure hormones, in the end, it’s still make-believe.
i had always admired Goddess Saffron’s art as a latex model and felt She fully embodied the 21st-century Woman, knowing full well Her potential and openly exposing it.
When Goddess Saffron began with the financial domination i shied away from that side of her art as it seemed out of sync with the Femme i had imagined from her modeling career.
Goddess Saffron’s beguiling power is such that i was never fully able to ignore this new and more vocal side of the Woman i had come to admire and yes fantasize about.
Upon seeing Her slave training courses, it seemed like the perfect way to experience Goddess Saffron from closer all the while i thought in a more non-committal manner. Nothing was further than the truth!
Right from the acceptance letter, i sensed this was going to be a life-altering experience as She openly admitted her precise intention of enslaving us. She openly enlisted our best efforts to train and brainwash us all the while whispering hopes of fun, fulfillment, and peace with ourselves. From this first contact, she took control by specifying that once enslaved she never releases a slave under Her power.
Naively i thought this a nice and effective formulation to lower our resistance and i would simply opt out when i choose. How wrong could one be!
In the slave training program, how powerful was this as Goddess wished this to be real, no more make belief……the road traveled to gain acceptance would have to be free of lie, for real.
In her first task, Goddess required all the details which precluded hiding, all of a sudden it’s a paradigm change in that this Woman not only wants our devotion and adulation but wanted to know who we are and what our lives are about…
And although i feared the potential of revealing all, i could not entirely resist, for the first time i had to be true to gain her confidence…..
…and although one could lie, in the end, we would know we are living a lie.
How can we admire and adore someone to whom we are not entirely transparent, Goddess Saffron not only offers us the Privilege of serving her this way but requires it.
For once i thought, i have a rare chance to try and be the best that i can be for the Woman that embodies the Essence of being Femme…
And from that day on, there was never any other possible outcome!
All of the other lessons, were just as significant and powerful in demonstrating and experiencing Her direct power over us!
If you have ever wanted to explore some form of Domination, be aware that Goddess Saffron’s slave training courses are not to be taken lightly!
It will most probably be the last decision you will never make of your own free will!

September 3, 2020

The Almighty Goddess Saffron

You are the reason for my existance, I live only to worship and serve Goddess Saffron!

September 3, 2020

Obsessively Devoted

heObeys.com has refocused my life. I feel I now have purpose – to serve Goddess Saffron. I will devote all my energies to earn her collar. Happiness is on the way. I can feel it. To be a collared, obedient slave is my goal.

September 3, 2020