What slaves are saying...

Slave Training

After opening my first lesson at heObeys.com and completing Goddess Saffron’s first task I was fulfilled. Worshipping her is really satisfying. i patiently await my next task. If only I had found you sooner.

September 7, 2020

making my fantasy a reality

i’ve been a submissive in the Femdom/Findom world for years and thought i knew it all. There are Findoms out there which made substantial use of me what i enjoyed but could still never find full satisfaction as a submissive slave since my fears and inhibitions held me off so that i could not reach my limits. Fortunately there is Goddess Saffron who i found recently. When i approached Her with my wish to be Her useful submissive slave She invited me into this website heobeys and i, as curious as i was, took the plunge and became one of Her numbered slaves. This was the best decisions i could have made since the community of slaves and the Control that Goddess has over it gives me a wonderful feeling of finally being home. The interaction within the slave ring with Goddess and my fellow slaves is an incredible stimulus to become an even better slave with every new day. The rewards i receive when obeying Goddess’ royal commands stimulate me and give me the once missed, yet always wanted, feeling of being useful as a slave to the most beautiful and most powerful Domina there is. i adore the way how the save ring is designed and will strive for climbing the ladder of good slaves in order to please Goddess and make Her life even better and Her wealth grow. Being part of this community that strives for making Goddess’ wealth grow is now my destiny. i found my calling.

September 3, 2020

A new kind of thinking

It began with finding heobeys.com. I could not believe in reading the testimonials. But now the beautiful Goddess Saffron has already infected me. More and more I think of her. And it is a new kind of thinking. With each slave lesson my fascination and my wish to obey is growing and the more I think about this, the more I recognize: I am weak and I want to serve. heobeys.com is a brilliant tool for slaves and the competition motivates. I really thank the wonderful Goddess to show me these new thoughts and one of these days I hope to be her numbered slave.

September 3, 2020

my true purpose

i was blindly stumbling through life serving one #femdom after another. Then i found the Divine Being that is Goddess Saffron. The privilege of serving Goddess gives my life meaning. The thrill of serving and suffering for Goddess is beyond words. All submissives should find the glory that is serving Goddess Saffron. Goddess Saffron now controls my life and i am better with Goddess Saffron’s guidance.

September 3, 2020

A place to be reborn

Prior to finding Goddess Saffron I was lost. I had the desire to serve, but no Goddess. Goddess Saffron showed me that an evil resided within me, my male ego. The only way to shed this toxic personality was to serve Her needs within her communal workhouse (heObeys). The community aspect of this website comforts me as we are a circle of like minded men focusing on serving a shared Goddess. Alone we are just cogs, but together we are Goddess Saffron’s machine. I love this website heobeys.

September 3, 2020