What slaves are saying...


Just finished the 3rd beginner course honesty and i feel closer to Goddess Saffron and ready for course 4.

January 30, 2021


I just completed the beginner course, and am still trying to wrap my mind around what just happened over the last three or four weeks. It started out easily, fun even. I’m not sure I even noticed when the obsession began to settle in, how my own will began to break down, subtly replaced by the all-consuming need to serve Goddess Saffron. I have spent days, weeks, immersed in cravings and desires and satisfactions I didn’t know I could have.

Right now, I am beginning to sort out and understand the transformation and who I have become. Without question, this course exceeded every expectation I had.

January 22, 2021

Goddess Saffron is the way of life

As I am praying and completing tasks for Goddess Saffron, I am becoming more and more aroused from servitude to such a perfect Goddess. I am unable to touch myself anymore which makes her more encaptivating and I want to please her with my every will.

January 21, 2021


i just have finished my first training course. Having done so leaves me with a sense of belonging. Of belonging to something greater than me. And it leaves me with excitement for the courses to come …

January 21, 2021

Getting real

Although being in a league of Her own, Goddess Saffron connects to straying submissives in order to provide them purpose. This training programme is about getting real: about accepting your calling to serve a genuine Goddess.

January 18, 2021