What slaves are saying...

Slave in awe of Goddess Saffron

It’s only been 4 days and I can’t imagine my life without Goddess Saffron anymore. Every Worship Prayer brought a heavenly feeling. Ownership of slave cock taken by Goddess made every minute of service pure bliss and torture at the same time. Now slave exists only to serve and worship its Goddess.

July 5, 2021

Beginner Loyalty

I’m so excited to have completed my beginner loyalty training. This week I have earned my number and worn my ribbon with great pride. I can’t thank Goddess enough for her existence.

– 506

July 4, 2021

Very intriguing rabbit hole! A Beautiful Goddess

So far I have really enjoyed this site, it is a real enticing hole to slip down, Goddess Saffron’s voice is soo soothing, and feeling compelled to continue to the next task!!!

July 4, 2021


This slave is blessed and honored that it was given the chance to finish beginner level 1 of Goddess Saffron’s training. Can’t wait to be better and to learn more from Goddess Saffron. This slave is blessed to be owned by Goddess Saffron.

July 1, 2021

i am a humble slave of Goddess Saffron

i will not describe or reveal what will happen or has happened throughout the advanced courses because every slave should have his own experience. But Goddess Saffron showed me that She has complete control over me. i have obeyed any order and i have loved any minute. The feelings: sometimes humiliating, sometimes caring, anytime demanding. Oh, Goddess Saffron is such a gorgeous Queen, i am Her slave for eternity.

slave 495
June 30, 2021