Remote Chastity Keyholding

Are you ready for My Remote Chastity Keyholding Program? Does the thought of chastity terrify you, or excite you beyond belief?

By joining My remote chastity program, I can lock or unlock your remote controlled chastity device. With just one click of My manicured finger I can control your manhood instantaneously. Just face it, the fantasy of having a powerful woman like Me control your manhood, is a game changing. Make this fantasy a reality and take the next brave step in your enslavement – and become My next leashed pet.

How Remote Chastity works

By taking My swift and effective remote chastity keyholding course, you will learn everything you need to know, including what remote chastity device to get, where to get it from, how to make Me your keyholder and all the possibilities of remote chastity games that we can play. Additionally, you will earn a certificate, signed contract, access to My Chastity Dungeon Telegram and detailed userguides. My instruction manuals will help you get set up with your remote chastity device and functions of the app.

Join the Program

First, ensure you have a slave account here at Simply log in, go to Courses, Specialist Courses and enrol in course Remote Chastity Keyholding Program.

To complete the course and join the program, you will need a video from My clip stores. The video contains an all important password to join the keyholding program.

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