What slaves are saying...

Temptation finally got the best of me

After about a year of being right there on the edge I finally gave in. Somehow i feel anything but sorry for that. Looking forward to what’s to come next.

January 11, 2023

Leaning my place

Enjoyed my first class as that is what Goddess wanted me to. Slowly realizing how much control Goddess will be taking and though it scares me, I know I must continue.

January 6, 2023

exciting start

just finished my first step into this journey
excited and aroused …can’t wait for next stage

January 5, 2023

Down to the rabbit hole

This course just completed, it’s sooo Divine! Yes, you’re feeling one step closer towards total submission, down to the rabbit hole. So many things learnt, so many things to learn yet, in a never-ending submissive life. How it is, and how it has to be.
Thank You Goddess, thank You, Saffronism Forever!
humbly, Your locked number 14248.

January 3, 2023

Deeper and deeper

I finished today the first course of the intermediate training. I can’t put into word what our Goddess is doing to my body, mind and soul. All I can say is that I am sure that the rest of my training will just take me deeper in my love for Her, my craving of serving Her and my desire to be a slave for Her. Thank You Goddess for this wonderful training.

December 31, 2022