What slaves are saying...

This course is so much more than you think

I took Goddess Saffron’s course last year prior to Her revising the program. What I’ve grown to learn is that most males who take this course even if they get through it didn’t learn anything. Why? Because as a male you have to check your testosterone fueled penis at the door. You MUST do everything Goddess has laid out for you EXACTLY when, where and how She instructs. Then you MUST drink in Her teachings and allow them to bend you to Her will. Then and only then will you become a true owned Saffronist slave. I believe every slave should retake these courses (all 3 levels) at least once a year as a refresher in your service to the one true Goddess, Goddess Saffron.

January 11, 2021

A mind bending epiphany !

I thought I knew what being a submissive was all about until I came across heobeys.com . My experience was transformational it only took 4 days to complete the first course and now I have set a new path as a devoted slave for Goddess Saffron. It changed my life!!! It might change yours so give it a go.

January 11, 2021

Constant yearning

I have never before experienced such sustained anticipation. Each day, as the time for my lesson approaches, I begin to count the minutes. And I know that those lessons are steadily indoctrinating me, weakening me, increasing my desire to serve Goddess Saffron. But I can’t resist them. Each one feels so incredibly good.

The lesson satisfies the craving, at least for a moment. But then the yearning for the next immediately begins.

January 11, 2021

Innovative format that leaves you hooked and weak

This is the best Femdom training program period. The way Goddess Saffron creates her web around your mind, body, and soul, through videos, lessons, and quizzes is incredible. You stand no chance but to submit deeper and deeper and realize your true purpose is that of service to Her.

January 11, 2021

A wonderful start!

I’m new to the entire world of femdom, but couldn’t resist the amazingly attractive Goddess Saffron. Finishing only the first part of my training already made me realise how quickly she takes control over my mind and body. Every day I’ve been eagerly awaiting for the next lesson to become available and every single task is a huge privilege and extremely exciting to perform! Throughout the process it also become very clear that you are owned, watched, tested and checked! I’m a bit scared, yet also extremely excited about my future training. I can only pray that my Goddess remains satisfied with my performance and allows me to continue my path! Thank You Goddess Saffron! Humbly kneeling at Your feet!

January 11, 2021