What slaves are saying...


Goddess Saffron has mastered the art of male training! it’s more a realization of a complete true lost of control. It can’t help sliding downward. It has always truly wanted to be owned by such a Powerful Woman and be one of Goddess Saffron’s Army of slaves and in under Her tutelage at the School for slave training it is starting to get a taste of what it will become !

January 16, 2021

What a journey I have begun.

As a new student in the realm of servitude, I never thought I would be so keen and eager to learn to worship a Goddess. How wrong I have been. Each day I eagerly check my watch counting down the minutes to my next lesson. Thank You Goddess Saffron for showing me the light and taking me on this amazing journey to becoming a better person and a worthy slave.

January 16, 2021

Such a privilege!

It felt so good to start on my training to becoming a good slave for the beautiful Goddess Saffron! I loved learning my prayer and giving up control to to my new Goddess! I can’t wait for the next lesson!

January 16, 2021


In the lessons, Goddess Saffron teaches certain principles of slavery, each designed to draw even the most resistant man deeper under her spell and control. I am learning, perhaps quite by accident, another implicit principle.


Each day, I am desperate for the time to arrive for the next lesson. But even more, I am becoming desperate to please Her. Desperate to receive and obey Her commands. Desperate to worship her and only her.

I am desperate to be ever more deeply enslaved by my Goddess. And I wish only to become ever more desperate.

January 16, 2021

So excited

After finishing my first course I can wait to continue. Goddess Saffron will own me forever. I will love and cherish every day I can serve her

January 16, 2021