What slaves are saying...

My Purpose

I have been so impressed with Goddess Saffron’s sub training. It awakens my true purpose and I am loving every second of it!

October 5, 2020

Goddess Saffron powerful guidance

With the right words and by the grace of Goddess Saffron training, i am now so willing and eager to further on the path on my enslavement. It feels so good to spread my mind to Goddess’ words and programming. Goddess controls me, owns me, and i feel so much pleasure in worshiping Goddess Saffron each day. Goddess provides me love and relaxing moments. Goddess Saffron is the most powerful and graceful Goddess, and gives me benefits in my new behavior. Soon i will be numbered as Goddess Saffron slave, and it will be so exhilirating. I am now so hungry for more  Goddess programming, and i am so eager and humble to discover how strong is a Goddess Saffron Fingasm.

October 4, 2020

No escape!

I first noticed Goddess Saffron zapping in Utube and She right away took my attention.. I first started to search for Her day after day in Utube but it was just not enough. Searching further I have found « heObeys.com » and this was a relief as I could become a slave of Her and finally serve my purpose… day after day i became more addicted and as the addiction grew, the pleasure grew as well. Goddess Saffron is the best Goddess I ever seen and ever serve..!

October 3, 2020

Goddess Saffron rules us all

I was wrong to think I could ever resist Goddess Saffron’s control – she is all ruling, and once you get a taste of her control, she will never leave your mind and fill it full of bliss that you thought was only imaginable. Goddess Saffron will rule us all eventually – some of us just don’t know it yet.

October 2, 2020

Conversion to Saffronism

After years of struggling with my religious yearnings; I’ve reached an intense personal epiphany. I’ve finally realized that I’ve been wasting my true potential on false hopes & dreams, things that did not fully fulfill me, things that always left me feeling empty and sad… But now over blissfully reached the beginning of the true path. The party which agrees completely with my inborn nature. The path which always leaves me yearning for more. The path of true progress. The path that follows her Divine Shadow. The path of Saffron. My one & only path…forever…and ever. Amen to the Authentic & Irresistible Goddess Saffron

October 2, 2020