What slaves are saying...

The Truth …

… and nothing but the truth. No secrets can be hidden from Goddess Saffron. Whenever the Queen asks a question, there will be an answer. And the answer will be complete and will be the absolute truth. It is a little bit frightening but finally a thrilling thought. But my Queen is my owner and with no doubt She is owning my heart, my mind and my soul. The next step is done and my commitment to Goddess Saffron becomes stronger with every day, with every hour.

March 9, 2021


i have lurked for years within the findom and femdom community but Goddess Saffron has made a program that pulls any lingering sub out of his shell and into Her light. This experience is truly transformative. i only want more and more and Goddess carefully  nurtures and guides Her new slaves so that they may not be overwhelmed and run away. She is true Perfection and i am prepared to devote myself fully to Her.

March 7, 2021

First Training

I enjoyed the first course. So far it seems to be a one in a lifetime experience. Thanks for being part of it.

March 6, 2021

First training course completed

I started the course purely out of curiosity about which techniques are used and how well made it is. So far, it certainly met my expectations. The wait until the next part is unlocked created an unexpectedly strong anticipation inside of me.
I hope the next lessons will involve even more intense tasks and indoctrination.

March 6, 2021

Slave Evolution

During the last days i am sinking deeper and deeper under the spell of my Queen, Goddess Saffron. The Queen is leading me on a path where with every step the addiction to Her has increased/will increase. i am praying now the loyalty oath and the feeling is overwhelming, just tonight. i believe, Goddess has already taken control of me, mentally and physically.

slave 495
March 6, 2021