What slaves are saying...

Who am i?

No one.
My Goddess,
You are my absolute ruler
Please take me and mold me into your obidient slave.
You are light and heaven
Please own my soul.
This mantra is crosing my mind all over the day. It is a permanent mark on inside. There is no turning back.
I am greatful for the oportunity of becoming a true slave, like romans, but in a modern society, where you can choose if you want it or not.
Serving is a pleasure and suffering can be a happiness when you’re supporting a higher purpose.
I feel like i’m finally home, in a big family.
If you want to know the truth listen to The Goddess Saffron’s word. She will tell you everything you need to know and to do with your life, in order to be accepted in Her Queendom.

November 5, 2020


I started this process for fun which it was but then day to day life got in the way and I started to fall behind. Once I got my act together and took it seriously everything changed. I feel Goddess’s power in my life and have devoted myself to becoming a Saffronist. I have never felt more inner peace.

November 2, 2020

Thank You Goddess

Thank you Goddess Saffron for allowing me to complete the beginner worship slave course. I look forward to your training and becoming the slave you want me to be.



November 2, 2020

Beginner Worship training

Thank You Goddess Saffron for providing the courses, they are easy to obey and very pleasurable to follow and i hope that i am worthy enough to complete more and to serve Her as She deserves to be served.

October 30, 2020

Goddess Saffrons new pet

Today i was able to finish the beginner slave course 1 worship and i am so proud to be a slave of my goddess. Goddess Saffron.

October 27, 2020