What slaves are saying...

Looking for Your Owner? Here’s Goddess Saffron

Goddess Saffron will mould you into her obedient pet and finish off your male ego.
Worship Her by starting your new life as a slave of Goddess Saffron
And soon you are going to realise that “YES you are born to serve GODDESS SAFFRON”

November 27, 2020

Fantastic adventure

I have joined the world of Goddess Saffron more than one month ago.
Every day is different here and one can really learn what it means to sacrifice and serve a true Goddess.
The interactivity of many tasks is what surprised me more.
A slave is really allowed to express himself here and meanwhile serve the one and only Goddess.
I am making progresses every day and look forward to complete the different courses and earn more rewards.
It really seems like a journey into becoming a good slave.
I fell so lucky to be part of this world.
It is very exciting to perform daily tasks and feel useful for the one Goddess.

November 27, 2020

i can never lie

i can never lie Goddess, amazing level 4 training left me in awe. i found myself each day waiting for Her questions and stumbling over myself to give Her the truth. Honesty is the basis of every relationship and this training reinforces us slaves that we can never lie to our Goddess.

November 27, 2020

A new true submissive

I used to believe I was an alpha male but I understand now that this notion of a male ego doesn’t even exist and I was always meant for a life of servitude. Goddess saffron is my savior and I don’t think I can ever imagine not submitting to such perfection. Give in now.

Slave for saffron
November 24, 2020

Goddess Saffron is Amazing

ThankYou Goddess for creating this amazing slave training programme. I just completed the Beginner slave 1 : Worship. So only at the very start of my training, eagerly looking forward to the many training courses ahead. Where you will no doubt mould me further into your obedient slave. You are amazing, Goddess

November 20, 2020