What slaves are saying...


It joined Saffron’s newsletter and has been lost ever since.
Joining briefly Her website, it was sternly answered when trying to “make conversation” with Her through the members’ mail.
it realized then and there Who was this Woman, totally embodying the Essence of Being Femme and so Powerfully aware of Who She was!
The Addictiveness Her Power scared the daylights out of it. Feeling such a force, made it purposefully shy away from Her.
What a futile waste of time as once Goddess Saffron has sowed the seed of Her corruption, there is no turning back. its presence here is a testament to Her Power and Addiction. it submits it’s appreciation for Her Creative Power in masterfully deploying Her Art in entrapping and conditioning males object to render them useful slaves in Her army. Goddess has created a virtual world which makes serving Her so real and into our every day lives.

September 7, 2020

Genius site for submissive males

Amazing slave school and interactive enslavement for submissive males.  My longing to serve such a supreme Goddess has been fulfilled not only when I first laid eyes on Goddess Saffron, but also on the day I joined heObeys.com  There is no other site to compare to Goddess’ innovation and genius. Thank you my Goddess.

September 7, 2020

My life has changed completely

heobeys is the best social media site for slaves and submissives of all kinds, the site has completely changed my life for the better. i have found a purpose and a place to learn and belong. The site is helping me to be a better slave and a better person. It has allowed me to focus my life in the best way possible devoting myself to Goddess Saffron. i am greatly honored to be allowed to be a part of this genius invention. You should join the site and be a part of the amazing and beautiful Goddess Saffron’s world/

September 7, 2020

Online slave training

This website is a truly interactive place. Many slaves haves gathered here under the divine rule of the supreme Goddess Saffron. Because there is so much to do it will always leave you begging for more. I especially like to way your male ego is reduced as you complete slave training course and tasks, the more you serve the more privileges you can unlock.

September 7, 2020

The Future of Enslavement

Having mustered up the courage to join heobeys, it is a decsicion that I will never regret and should have done the moment goddess created the site. Goddess has set many challenges for us weak slaves and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Her for inventing such a new and refreshing way for slaves to serve, interact and aim for. Also for the great slave community with other like minded submissive males who I now realise I have so much in common with. I particularly like the slave training courses, male ego reduction system, goals, ranking system and the slave privileges such as the Temple with masturbation schedule – all amazing inventions by our supreme owner – the one and only Goddess Saffron

September 7, 2020