What slaves are saying...

Goddess Saffron rules us all

I was wrong to think I could ever resist Goddess Saffron’s control – she is all ruling, and once you get a taste of her control, she will never leave your mind and fill it full of bliss that you thought was only imaginable. Goddess Saffron will rule us all eventually – some of us just don’t know it yet.

October 2, 2020

Conversion to Saffronism

After years of struggling with my religious yearnings; I’ve reached an intense personal epiphany. I’ve finally realized that I’ve been wasting my true potential on false hopes & dreams, things that did not fully fulfill me, things that always left me feeling empty and sad… But now over blissfully reached the beginning of the true path. The party which agrees completely with my inborn nature. The path which always leaves me yearning for more. The path of true progress. The path that follows her Divine Shadow. The path of Saffron. My one & only path…forever…and ever. Amen to the Authentic & Irresistible Goddess Saffron

October 2, 2020

Alpha leader is now a bitch

After following Goddess Saffron for a while, I decided to look up what she is about; and my Goddess! This Goddess will turn you inside out, and make you ache and addicted to being a little sissy slut for her! She is amazing in every aspect, and I now thrive for pleasing my Goddess everyday! Goddess Saffron owns me and my life entirely!! ❤️

October 1, 2020


Beautiful, Dominant, Sensual, Seductive, i could not help but surrender to Goddess Saffron. i am so glad that i enrolled in the Beginner Slave Training Courses. Goddess led me through the lessons and with each lesson i became more eager for the next. i found myself desperately wanting to be owned by Her and that is still the case. Today i find it difficult to go an hour without thinking about Her. Having completed my beginner slave courses i can not wait to continue and apply to be fully owned by Goddess Saffron.

September 11, 2020

Goddess Saffron Deserves the World

Goddess Saffron is a beautiful, elegant, creative, talented, highly intelligent and extremely gifted woman. She is really outstanding and heobeys.com is such a magnificent achievement, to have not only conceived something like this but also made that vision a reality is huge. I admire, adore and worship Goddess Saffron. She is perfect. I want to be owned by Her forever. Thank You for allowing me to serve You my Goddess. I love You with all my heart

September 7, 2020