What slaves are saying...

A Wonderful Journey

Goddess Saffron´s slave training has been a wonderful journey. I’m proud and happy to be one of her graduated slaves. The daily lessons is very exiting. LOVE you Goddess.

August 27, 2020

Life Changing

I just finished my training at Goddess Saffron’s awesome site. This past 24 days have totally changed my life. I have found my calling in life and my place at Goddess Saffron’s feet as one of Her Divine Highness’ loyal and devoted slave. I have learned to love Her unconditionally.

The training was very addictive in it self. I was so eagerly looking forward my next lesson as soon as I had completed the last one. This is the only school I ever went where I was actually looking forward the homework. Every task from Goddess make feel so close to Her making my love for Her grow gradually task by task.

Now, after the training I am so much more focused and my mind is so clear and determined to fulfil my purpose in life. I am much more motivated to work hard and to be as productive as possible.

Thank You Goddess!

Slave 242
August 27, 2020