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Experience real submission with Goddess Saffron’s online slave training courses, interactive workhouse and slave community.

Unlock your inner slave.
Make it real.

Slave Training Courses

A growing collection of slave training courses with real life tasks, developed for all levels of submissive males.

Reduce Male Ego

The first of its kind male ego reduction system. See your male ego dissolve and your devotion grow with every act of servitude.

Daily Slave Tasks

A new daily slave task every single day to keep you busy and focused as you strive for the goal of real enslavement.

Slave Achievements

Earn achievements by completing slave courses, tributing, buying gifts, clips and subscribing to fan sites.


Unlock slave privileges such as the interactive virtual temple, daily worship rituals, mantras, worship instruction and priority access to Goddess Saffron.

Slave Community

Join the ever-growing army of slaves by participating in the slave community forums and connect with like minded submissives.

What slaves are saying...

My Goddess Saffron, You are my everything! I am feeling so weak and owned and I hold no secrets from you my Goddess! Oh and… Read more “I am so ready for my next lesson..”

I have wandered around femdom circles for years now, bouncing from goddess to goddess trying to find the one who makes it real. For me… Read more “The greatest journeys begin with just few steps”

This is best femdom site i have ever visited, trust me you’ll enjoy every bit of it submitting and serving goddess saffron don’t miss this… Read more “Just perfect and unique”

I only just started worshipping GoddessSaffron and trying to become a better slave but she already completely owns me. Giving up my pleasure to her… Read more “She already owns me”

The training from Goddess Saffron has given my life purpose. Being her slave makes me want to be fit, so i regularly go to the… Read more “Trip of a lifetime”

I’ve only been doing this for 2 days and already my mindset has changed so much for the better. I am here to please Goddess… Read more “Unbelievably rewarding”

After just one day of completing tasks and my first test, I am already falling deep under the control of the power of Goddess Saffron.

I have tried to resist my temptations to become a slave to Goddess Saffron, however, I always find myself coming back and watching her clips… Read more “Resistance is Futile”

I just complete my first beginner slave training cource. What i learned is that:
Goddess Saffron is my owner and absolute ruler!
That… Read more “Training for my owner Goddess Saffron”

I have been so impressed with Goddess Saffron’s sub training. It awakens my true purpose and I am loving every second of it!

With the right words and by the grace of Goddess Saffron training, i am now so willing and eager to further on the path on… Read more “Goddess Saffron powerful guidance”

I first noticed Goddess Saffron zapping in Utube and She right away took my attention.. I first started to search for Her day after day… Read more “No escape!”

I was wrong to think I could ever resist Goddess Saffron’s control – she is all ruling, and once you get a taste of her… Read more “Goddess Saffron rules us all”

After years of struggling with my religious yearnings; I’ve reached an intense personal epiphany. I’ve finally realized that I’ve been wasting my true potential on… Read more “Conversion to Saffronism”

After following Goddess Saffron for a while, I decided to look up what she is about; and my Goddess! This Goddess will turn you inside… Read more “Alpha leader is now a bitch”

Beautiful, Dominant, Sensual, Seductive, i could not help but surrender to Goddess Saffron. i am so glad that i enrolled in the Beginner Slave Training… Read more “Enthralled”

Goddess Saffron is a beautiful, elegant, creative, talented, highly intelligent and extremely gifted woman. She is really outstanding and heobeys.com is such a magnificent achievement,… Read more “Goddess Saffron Deserves the World”

Every day I wake up and the first thing I do is log into heobeys to see what Goddess Saffron has in store for me… Read more “Gives my life purpose”

I just started this process and I can’t believe how it’s affected me already. It’s so great to know when I’m done working I still… Read more “Honored to be Slave 300”

Although i’m not even half way through my training, Goddess’s tasks and motivation have already made a significant improvement on my mood, eating habits and… Read more “Best therapy of my life”

I truly believe that this is the best slave training program and has made me a better person by teaching me discipline, and made me… Read more “The best slave training”

Even if I am still worthless and under training to become worthy of calling myself a slave of The Divine Goddess Saffron, I must admit… Read more “There can be only One”

It joined Saffron’s newsletter and has been lost ever since.
Joining briefly Her website, it was sternly answered when trying to “make conversation” with… Read more “spellbound”

Amazing slave school and interactive enslavement for submissive males.  My longing to serve such a supreme Goddess has been fulfilled not only when I first… Read more “Genius site for submissive males”

heobeys is the best social media site for slaves and submissives of all kinds, the site has completely changed my life for the better. i… Read more “My life has changed completely”

This website is a truly interactive place. Many slaves haves gathered here under the divine rule of the supreme Goddess Saffron. Because there is so… Read more “Online slave training”

Having mustered up the courage to join heobeys, it is a decsicion that I will never regret and should have done the moment goddess created… Read more “The Future of Enslavement”

After opening my first lesson at heObeys.com and completing Goddess Saffron’s first task I was fulfilled. Worshipping her is really satisfying. i patiently await my… Read more “Slave Training”

i’ve been a submissive in the Femdom/Findom world for years and thought i knew it all. There are Findoms out there which made substantial use… Read more “making my fantasy a reality”

It began with finding heobeys.com. I could not believe in reading the testimonials. But now the beautiful Goddess Saffron has already infected me. More and… Read more “A new kind of thinking”

i was blindly stumbling through life serving one #femdom after another. Then i found the Divine Being that is Goddess Saffron. The privilege of serving… Read more “my true purpose”

Prior to finding Goddess Saffron I was lost. I had the desire to serve, but no Goddess. Goddess Saffron showed me that an evil resided… Read more “A place to be reborn”

I love heObeys. It is where I get to worship and honour my Goddess. I can send her songs of praise and hymns of adoration.… Read more “My Home is heObeys.com”

heObeys will capture you into Goddess Saffron’s thrall. Slowly but steadily, Goddess Saffron takes control of your soul and body, till worshipping Her becomes your… Read more “Into Goddess Saffron’s power”

Whoever has ever watched porn in any form knows deep down, albeit quite powerful in the pleasure it affords, knows that in the end, it’s… Read more “Real slave training courses”

You are the reason for my existance, I live only to worship and serve Goddess Saffron!

heObeys.com has refocused my life. I feel I now have purpose – to serve Goddess Saffron. I will devote all my energies to earn her… Read more “Obsessively Devoted”

For many years I was always thrilled by fantasies about femdom. I had the feeling, that I need a mistress. After some time I realized… Read more “The Rush of Findom”

In this website a lowly sub has all it needs to serve Goddess Saffron. This platform encourages you and keeps you on the right path… Read more “Great platform”

Goddess Saffron has created a perfect world for slaves and subs to live in. Everything you ever wanted to lead a submissive life of a… Read more “You never want to leave”

Oh my dear Goddess Saffron!
To be able to serve the most exciting woman of the whole universe fills me with gratefulness.
In… Read more “Mind altering”

By registering at heobeys, I said to myself: I’m going to try to play the games … It was not long that I became addicted… Read more “Slave student”

Charm and power, submission and humility. The power and strength of Femdom at heObeys. Unceasing pleasure when your mind melts in submission. In truth, this… Read more “Resistance senselessly! 3 years of vain fight”

This slave training academy works surprisingly good. I started in heObeys.com and my free will has submitted to Goddess whim very fast and deep. Now,… Read more “Wonderfully training”

This was one of the best experiences of my life. The way she controls your mind and turns you into her slave is truly amazing.… Read more “I love Goddess Saffron”

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Goddess Saffron has graciously taken me as a potential pet during her slave training. I’ve never experienced something so wonderful and organized as this website.… Read more “Purpose and Belonging”

A year ago I haved watch a clip of Goddess Saffron at iwantsaffron.com and now, I feel so close to her and never feel like… Read more “Goddess Saffron is the only one”

The slave training courses from Goddess Saffron has given my life purpose. Being her slave makes me want to be fit, so i regularly go… Read more “trip of a lifetime”

i thought it was just a game at first until it become the most importing thing in my life, especially when i found out that… Read more “Best slave experience ever”

Hi I am Nicola and I think that this is the best slave training academy for pathetic sissy slave sluts like me who want to… Read more “A new slave life”

absolute amazing slave training experience, loved every day of it, wish it was forever.

“Be careful what you wish for” could be an advice but Goddess SAFFRON is incredibly powerful. Her slave training is perfectly efficient and progressive. Never… Read more “The first day of your new life”

I am only 3 lessons into my beginner slave training and I cannot completely explain my feelings for My Goddess, but so far my slave… Read more “Longing love”

I entered this website thinking it was going to be a funny challenge or something. Oh how mistaken I was. Before, I would not even… Read more “This is for real”

Goddess Saffron as the creator of heObeys.com built something unique, which is right down my alley. The extensive slave training courses are well chosen, the… Read more “Refreshing new concept which didn’t disappoint”

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i didn’t know what to expect when i began my journey in Goddess’s slave training but after the first lesson i was hooked. Goddess’s lessons… Read more “Best slave training courses”

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It´s not a game. You might enter as a free sub, just searching for a new experience, but before you even notice, Goddess Saffron has… Read more “Be Warned”

It has been such an erotic pleasure to finally find a true Goddess to serve and be trained by. i wish i found Goddess Saffron… Read more “Serving Goddess Saffron”

Yes, small things can change your life. It’s just a small pink ribbon but more powerful than a chain. It’s the symbol of Goddess Saffron’s… Read more “More Than Just Slave Training”

After going through all slave training courses…. all I can say is I will be forever at Goddess Saffron Feet as her loyal slave…

i can definitely say i am not the same person i was when i started in the slave training lessons. Goddess Saffron and her tasks… Read more “”

Going through all lessons in Goddess Saffron’s slave training courses has simply changed my understanding of slavery and … my life. For years, i’ve been… Read more “Life altering experience”

When I found this website I was not sure if it would be something I liked. Instead I found myself daily waiting for the next… Read more “Wonderful beginning to a new life”

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Training under the Beautiful and Intelligent Goddess Saffron has opened my mind to the fulfillment of servitude to Her and the dignity in my humiliation… Read more “Best slave training experience”

Less than a month ago i was very lazy, doing only the minimum to get by. With Her guidance i am now full of ambition… Read more “Let Her guide you”

the slave training courses are amazing i finally feel like i have a purpose and that my life has a direction. thanks to goddess saffron.Read more “”

my curiosity got the better of me and i decided to enrol in Goddess’s wonderful slave training courses.  At first I did not know what… Read more “Real exhilerating enslavement”

It has been wonderful and frightening. Goddess has organised Her slave training with surpassing skill. How well She uses her sensual beauty, compelling with a… Read more “It has been wonderful”

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i am a better slave for going through Goddess Saffron’s slave training at heobeys. Goddess Saffron is my Goddess and i worship Her in all… Read more “Should be done by everyone”

Would like to thank Goddess Saffron, for training me and enlighting me and showing me the correct path to serve.

Goddess Saffron’s slave training is the most intensive training for a weak slave like me, i can’t stop to think about Goddess Saffron.  She is… Read more “Intensive Slave Training”

I found the slave training courses an excellent combination of challenging, interesting, punishing and rewarding material. It opened my mind up to thinking so differently… Read more “Marvellous Schooling”

This has been the best experience – totally captivating – literally taking over my mind. i love the one and only Goddess Saffron.  Sign up,… Read more “Totally Captivating”

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I began Goddess Saffron’s training school as research, to see how a Fetish Model turned divine Goddess might desire and demand worship, and how I… Read more “Intoxicating and Inescapable”

I`m very happy for do the training. Maybe the concept i learn were a bit evident, but with the prayers and task that GODDESS SAFFRON… Read more “Fully Enslaved”

Goddess Saffron´s slave training has been a wonderful journey. I’m proud and happy to be one of her graduated slaves. The daily lessons is very… Read more “A Wonderful Journey”

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