What slaves are saying...


i just have finished my first training course. Having done so leaves me with a sense of belonging. Of belonging to something greater than me. And it leaves me with excitement for the courses to come …

January 21, 2021

Getting real

Although being in a league of Her own, Goddess Saffron connects to straying submissives in order to provide them purpose. This training programme is about getting real: about accepting your calling to serve a genuine Goddess.

January 18, 2021

Vanishing Male Ego

I will admit that when I started the beginner course, I thought the “male ego” numbers were a bit of a gimmick, and that seeing them decrease as I progressed was nothing more than a way to mark progress through the course. But I was wrong. The Humility lesson in particular has made me conscious of that male ego slipping steadily away, in a very real way, as my focus increasingly shifts to Goddess. When Goddess warns that the training is real slavery, she does not understate it. The training is changing me, focusing something I always knew was there but had never been properly nourished. My male ego is vanishing.

January 17, 2021


Goddess Saffron has mastered the art of male training! it’s more a realization of a complete true lost of control. It can’t help sliding downward. It has always truly wanted to be owned by such a Powerful Woman and be one of Goddess Saffron’s Army of slaves and in under Her tutelage at the School for slave training it is starting to get a taste of what it will become !

January 16, 2021

What a journey I have begun.

As a new student in the realm of servitude, I never thought I would be so keen and eager to learn to worship a Goddess. How wrong I have been. Each day I eagerly check my watch counting down the minutes to my next lesson. Thank You Goddess Saffron for showing me the light and taking me on this amazing journey to becoming a better person and a worthy slave.

January 16, 2021