What slaves are saying...

Ready to serve

Mistress saffron owns me now all thanks to this website I’m so much happier under her and can’t wait to keep submitting

August 1, 2021

Thank you Goddess

Goddess Saffron is amazing! Her slave training program is insidious and irresistible. When Goddess Saffron gives tasks, I simply fall into a light trance and mindlessly carry out her commands and it feels so good!
Thank you Goddess for allowing to obey you!

July 31, 2021

Beauty Power and Intelligence

i have never met a woman like Goddess Saffron. i think She may actually be a true goddess. She has it all. Her beautfy is breathtaking. She is supremely confident and powerful. But what makes her stand out from all the others is Her intelligence and complete understanding of the submissive male and how to entrap them in a World of bliss. She knows that following her will make men’s lives magical. It is the male ego which prevents happiness. She removes it and the result is a life of bliss.

July 31, 2021

True meaning of worshipping

Each task, each questionnaire has only deepened the devotion I had for Goddess Saffron. The video in the last course day was very helpful in putting me in my place. Just seeing the goddess and having the feel that she’s talking to me has made me edge to the limits.

July 30, 2021

Intense and Perfect!

From the start, it is clear that Goddess Saffron knows what She is doing – Her Skills, Her Knowledge, and Her Methods are more seductively mind-bending than any other Domina I might have had the misfortune to meet before finding Her. The beginner course is perfect for falling into the proper mindset and behavior to be a properly shaped pet for Her Supremacy. Thank You, Goddess, for allowing Your pets to blissfully be molded by Your Divine Word.

July 28, 2021